Allon Raiz Book Bundle

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Experienced entrepreneur, Allon Raiz, has had many ups and down on his entrepreneurial journey. Read as he imparts his wisdom on the dos and don’ts of starting a new business and what to do when you want to give up.

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Lose the business Plan

In his first book, Allon challenges readers to find their entrepreneurial passion and have the courage to stay focused and determined to find the path to business success. In an accessible way, he covers the dos and don’ts of starting a new business, and demonstrates how entrepreneurs can assess whether their businesses can weather the challenges that face so many small businesses today.

What to Do When You Want to Give Up: Help for entrepreneurs in tough times

Using a true-life story of an entrepreneur, Allon takes up from where he left off in his first book, which dealt with starting a new business. In this book, he gives the reader a first-hand account of what it is like to be on the inside of a failing business. Using the knowledge and expertise he has gained in his two decades of assisting small businesses, Allon illustrates how a defeated entrepreneur can take back control of his or her situation and get the business back on track.